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Daily Kick

Daily Kick Tonic: 12 Pack

Daily Kick Tonic: 12 Pack

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Daily Kick Tonic is a ginger and turmeric based grab-and-go beverage. We designed Daily Kick Tonic to be both refreshing and beneficial for our body. Daily Kick Tonic is great as a daily maintenance drink for the body as well as a recovery beverage after a hard workout. Daily Kick Tonic is crafted with adaptogens and functional ingredients to help your body perform at its best.

On your first sip you get to enjoy a kick from the ginger, but on your next sips the softer flavors, like lemon and maple syrup, become more noticeable. As you drink your bottle of Daily Kick Tonic, your palate will continue to expand and you will get to enjoy all of the different flavors found in the drink. This drink will leave your taste buds and body feeling refreshed.
For more information about how the ingredients in Daily Kick Tonic can support your body, please click here.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
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Shelf-Life and Storage

This drink is fully shelf-stable, meaning that it does not need to be refrigerated prior to opening.

Daily Kick has an indefinite shelf-life if unopened, but we recommend drinking it within a year of purchasing.

We do recommend enjoying your daily bottle either ice cold or hot. Make sure to shake well before drinking!

How to Drink

Each bottle is 16 fl oz, which is a single serving. Most people have been seeing benefits from drinking 5-7 bottles a week.

When you choose to drink your bottle of Daily Kick is up to you. Some people prefer morning, some throughout the day, and others in the evening.

Shake well before drinking!

Enjoy either cold or hot.

More Information

-Brewed by hand in small batches

-Bottled in glass

-No Additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients


-Check out information about the ingredients here: Ingredients Matter

-No Additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients