Daily Kick

Functional beverages designed to be delicious and beneficial for your health.

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Marcus E.

"It tastes good and helps me to focus when I'm getting tired especially before going for a run or a workout."

Daily Kick Brain Boost

Raimond B.

"Best tonic I ever had, Daily Kick using every day in mornings usually on empty stomach. Helps with digestion, gives energy and helps with my joints pain. Most important boost immune system. Daily Kick brain boost my best choice before any sports activities, works like pre workout. And most important all natural ingredients and good taste."

Daily Kick Tonic

Caitlin D.

"I’ve ordered several cases of Daily Kick so far, and will definitely continue to do so! I was initially interested in the tonic for its immune-boosting ingredients, but have found that it has the added benefit of clearing up my skin. As someone who has dealt with acne since adolescence, this was a welcome side effect!"